How We Help


Annual Planning
(using the Balanced ScoreCard)

Annual planning is essential for every business including SMEs.

In half a day we can take you from no plan, to one that all managers and staff will understand. Most importantly, you can use the BSC to delegate and measure progress for any given period to keep the organisation on track.


Inhouse manager and leader training

Do you employ ‘accidental’ managers?

We can tailor and deliver custom learning and development programs that will build new management skills to empower your team and support you to build a better, bigger and more profitable business.

Tell us what you would like to achieve and we will deliver your program.


Recruitment process and coaching

Every owner-manager will know that people are generally their single biggest business cost.

The best owner-managers also know that when well selected and managed, team engagement is high and people become your biggest asset.

We can help improve recruitment processes and ensure that all hiring managers are competent recruiters. We can also provide on-going coaching for hiring managers for a specific role or provide skills updates.


Supporting advisory boards

The role of a Board of Directors is widely understood in public organisations as the representative of the shareholder, advisor to the Executive and approver of strategy.

Most SMEs do not have access to a Board and therefore may not be challenged or tested on key operational or strategy matters.

We can assist you to establish an advisory board or provide an external view to deliver new ideas and the experience required to build a better business.


Networking with peers

The value of regular networking with owner-managers (like you) is known only to network participants and the individuals that chair or present.

John has been a network group member since 2004 and chair since 2015. He is currently completing a doctorate that focuses on the value of SME networks.

Call to see how you can participate in a local networking group or discover the value of joining a national group such as The Executive Connection.